Smart Home Buying Guides

The Comprehensive Buying Guides for the Top Smart Home Products of 2020

The Top Smart Home Products of 2020

Nowadays, there are two main smart home platforms – Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa which have made having a smart home attainable with minimal technical knowledge. That being said, there are so many smart home devices today it’s hard to know which device is right for you and worth the investment. Thankfully, at Dwellwell we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting with our buying guides.


Find out the best smart home device for you and read our comprehensive reviews. Get informed so you can make your smart device purchase with confidence.

With so many choices out there, finding the right home security system can be confusing. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed the top products for you. Learn more before you buy.

Now that you have your smart home devices, what do you do now? See our comprehensive How To section to ensure you’re setting up properly to get the most out of your smart home.

Do you want your smart home devices to work harder for you and make your life easier. From simple chores and other tasks, check out our guide to get more time out of your day.

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Voice Assistant Compatibility

See all of the smart home devices that will work with your voice assistant device.

See all of the smart home devices that work with Amazon Alexa

See all of the smart home devices that work with Google Assistant

How to make your home a smart home

Get the most from your smart home

Achieving a smart home is no longer a distant dream. Having a smart home is possible and much easier to setup than you might think. Dwellwell has the starter guide to turn anyone’s home into a smart home.

To start, first you need to ensure you have high-speed internet throughout your home that is both powerful and reaches all areas of your home. We equipped our home with AT&T Fiber (Internet 1000) and it works perfectly for our smart home.

After you’re setup with lightning quick internet, now you need to cover off on the basics. The building blocks for a smart home include choosing a hub and installing smart devices that allow for easy and simple integrations, like smart lights and speakers.

Smart Bedroom

This bedroom knows exactly when you wake up. As soon as you’re up, the lights turn on, the daily news brief plays, and you can start smelling the coffee brewing in your kitchen. Automating your morning routine can save you time and effort and is a great way to start each morning.


If you don’t mind a TV in your bedroom, say Hello to the LG Wallpaper TV. This show stopper TV comes equipped with Chromecast, which enables voice commands through Google Home. So you can say, “Ok Google, show me sports on the master bedroom TV” to see the latest sports without using your remote.

Smart Living Room

Get more out of your TV with Samsung’s The Frame TV. When you’re not using your TV, turn it into digital art and show off your photography skills or select from Samsung’s awesome art library.


Compliment The Frame TV with versatile wall art. Using Depicts digital 4K frame, you can swap out art whenever you like to fit your exact mood. With the subscription, you get access to a massive library of art work, including Monet and other famous artists.


And at the center of your home, is where your smart hub (AKA the brains) of the whole operation should live. Choose from the easy to use Google Home or Amazon Alexa and you won’t be disappointed by how easy it is to use or the amount of integrations available.

Smart Kitchen

Amazing smart kitchen appliances include the June Intelligent oven and the Hestan Cue, both of which can be controlled by Alexa.


Finally, place an Amazon Echo Show on your kitchen counter to add a visual element to everything. Need to know how to make the perfect crispy skin salmon? Ask Alexa and watch a how-to video on it. Expecting a package or company? Check the August Doorbell Cam by saying “Alexa, show me the front doorbell camera”.

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