The LIFX Mini Day and Dusk is a smart tunable white light bulb. It belongs to the family of Lifx Mini smart light bulbs series; the Mini white, Lifx Mini color, and the Lifx Mini Day & Dusk, all of which are available in both bayonet and screw type bulbs. It is essentially the same as the LIFX Mini White which has a fixed color temperature of 2700 K. But the Mini Day & Dusk smart bulb is set apart from the Mini White by having a color temperature range of 1500K to 4000K.

With the range in color temperature, you can use the LIFX app to tune your light for automatic adjustments throughout the day. You can start with “energizing” cool morning light, then fade to a soothing, warm light later. At night, you can have the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk give you a dim nightlight. To have a clearer grasp of the range of smart feature advantages of this mini bulb we need to look briefly at the other two bulbs in this LIFX Mini series.

LIFX Mini Light Bulbs

The Mini White

The LIFX Mini White will give you a light source without color tuning capability. It is the same as the LIFX Mini Color with producing a maximum brightness of 800 lumens and having a fixed 2700K color temperature. With this bulb, colors are not available and its white fades into gray. Though it can be set up and managed as a smart bulb, it lacks many of the smart bulb features. But it can dim, give the candle flicker, and display a music visualizer and strobe effects.

The Mini Color

The LIFX Mini Color is a smaller version of the LIFX A19. It is a 9W bulb with 800 lumens brightness. This bulb is both Color and temperature adjustable. With its user interface, color production range the same as the LIFX A19, like it, the LIFX mini bulb can dim, brighten and switch colors to emit party colors for fun with strobe and visualizer. The improvement it brings to the A19 is that it allows light to be emitted from its side rather than only straight up.

LIFX Mini Day & Dusk

The LIFX Mini Day & Dusk is a 9W bulb with its brightest light being 800 lumens. It gives you control to change the temperature to suit your mood. It has the same look as the LIFX Mini White and the LIFX Mini Color. The lower end of its color temperature is described as unique in one review with there being no other bulb with a temperature below 2500K. The upper limits of its temperature is also considered as not the best offered in the market. The highest color temperature of bulbs available on the market being 6500K.

The LIFX mini-series of which the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk is regarded as a rival to the Philips Hue for bulb range and control. They are Wi-Fi connected and can be controlled through Alexa, Siri and Google Home. After the lights are connected you can control them by the smart LIFX app. Basic control includes flipping the lights on and off and choosing Color and Color temperature.


Light Control

Beyond these basic controls, the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk, as with the other mini bulbs, you get a great deal of control over your lighting effects. For example, pressing and holding the power button you will be able to choose the length of time the bulb takes to go off as the light dims slowly. This feature can be a pleasant way of using your LIFX lights to induce your own sleep or to get little children to fall asleep.

By tapping one light you can go into the main settings from where you can choose color and temperature settings for your bulbs. The process is very intuitive, and it is also easy to select the required settings. The performance of the bulbs is also great. You can replace each of your ordinary light bulb with a LIFX Mini and get a uniform spread of light. With the Mini Day and Dusk bulbs, you get at the bottom end, a light more like that of a candle.

The available controls also allow you to select and set colors or use the range of fun effects. These fun effects include a music visualizer that responds with flashes to the beat of your playing music. This smart light also has a strobe mode which can be used to flick the lights rapidly on and off. The Mini Day & Dusk mode adjusts the temperature and brightness of the light automatically to match the natural light as it changes during the course of the day.


Though the light can be set to Wake Up, Day, Evening and Night, the type of light cannot be set for each period of the day. Also, there is no surety that fixed times would work. While features can be disabled for selected days, different schedules can’t be set for different days. So you can’t set a different Wake-Up time for a day when you want an earlier or later Wake-Up time. Also, there is no wireless remote control provided by LIFX but if the lights are switched off, they will return to their last state when switched on again.

Voice Assistants

Your smart Mini Day & Dusk light allows you voice control using voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. The assistance from these two is basically the same. If you have any of these you can ask it to choose a color or its temperature easily. You can also ask it to set brightness levels.

Apple HomeKit also provides voice assistance for the LIFX Mini though it may require a little more effort to configure. For HomeKit each bulb is a separate device and the sticker of each light must be scanned separately. Though the bulbs work well on Apple Home, there seem to be slight problems reported with the commands with the assistant adjusting Color when the temperature change is required. So, though Siri works as well as Google Home and Alexa, you can’t ask for “warm white” as it will not understand the command.

Smart Things and IFTTT

Smart Things support is built-in for LIFX Mini Day & Dusk as it is for the other LIFX Mini Smart Bulbs. It allows control with all your other smart devices from one location in your home. Color and temperature changes, dimming, as well as on/off controls are supported by SmartThings. Only actions are provided by IFTTT support based on another device. So, as an example, you can set your lights to come on when your camera detects movement.

Should you Choose LIFX Mini Day & Dusk Smart Lights?

Like the other LIFX Mini Smart bulbs, the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk is among the best smart bulbs available. This smart bulb should be your choice if voice control and the app would meet your needs. If you need remote control another option might be better. Also, weak Wi-Fi in your home will not allow you to get the best of your smart Mini Day & Dusk. But the quality of these lights and the options available for control place these smart lights among the best.

Buying the LIFX Mini Smart Lights

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