This LIFX review discusses LIFX LED technology, smart bulbs, and accessories.

In a world of smartphones, smart cars and other advances in technology, no longer are households limited to the confines of gadgets like Alexa. Today’s houses have turned into smart homes seemingly overnight. The wireless connectivity of basic necessities from electronics and appliances to climate control and security systems has been replacing what now seems to be antiquities. Many companies have made smart home technology affordable from entire automated systems right down to customizable accessories. LIFX, the pioneer of smart bulb technology, provides several options for homeowners and business owners. This LIFX review discusses LIFX LED technology, smart bulbs, and accessories designed to enhance smart homes and offices.

LIFX General Lighting


LIFX offers a range of basic LED smart bulbs from 650-lumen mini bulbs to 1100-lumen large color bulbs. The simple and affordable Mini White gives off 650 lumens of white light to brighten homes and offices. The Mini Day & Dusk, said to be inspired by the sun, is a customizable bulb that features with more than 1,000 shades of white light from cool to warm. It’s supposed to help support the body’s circadian rhythm so one can get a good night’s sleep. The Mini Color features billions of colors in addition to a range of cool to warm white light. The LIFX Candle Color bulb is a world-first smart light with Polychrome Technology with 26 customizable zones. The LIFX A19 and A19+ are 1100 lumens with trillions of colors and cool-to-warm white light options. The A19+ features power to enhance the night vision of security cameras. The LIFX BR30 is the brightest bulb at 1100 lumens with 550 billions of colors and cool to warm white light. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures from 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) or -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius).


The LIFX GU10 smart bulb features 550 billion colors in a 400-lumen downlight. This low-lumen LED light doesn’t emit heat, so it works in fixtures that are a part of a recessed panel in the ceiling. The bulb serves many purposes and can be customized with color or cool to warm white light.

Outdoor Lighting

LIFX offers outdoor and security lighting. The BR30 and BR 30+ both pack 1100 lumens and billions of colors. These lights are water-resistant with an IP65 rating, so they’re safe to use indoors and outdoors. They’re also certified for environmental temperatures as low as -22 degrees to as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The BR 30+ emits infrared light that can be controlled and is designed to enhance the images of night vision security cameras that use infrared lighting.

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LIFX Switch

The LIFX Switch has four buttons that control any of the LIFX smart lightbulbs. It can also be used with standard LED lights so that specific schedules can be set. Its design includes a backlit switch with haptic touch. Choose a white or black finish that matches your décor. This switch requires professional installation.

LIFX Home Entertainment Lighting


LIFX gaming bulbs can be used to light up any room in the house with custom effects. Surrounded by lights, gamers will feel more immersed in their experiences. The LIFX Mini Color and the LIFX A19 are the most popular lights used while playing video games. The LIFX Z LED Strip and the LIFX Beam will complete the look of a desk, gaming area, or entire room. The light strip is a flexible light strip, for highlights and Versicolor layouts. Features Polychrome Technology, eight color zones, and millions of colors. The strips include a controller and a power supply. The beam is a light bar that works in a range of spaces. It uses the same Polychrome Technology and has 61 customizable and 16 million colors.

TV Lighting

Similar to the gaming light of the LIFX review, the LIFX TV lighting boosts the atmosphere while enjoying a favorite TV series, sporting event or movie. These LED lights will give new meaning to your movie nights with friends. The Z LED 6.6′ Strip Kit and the shorter, perfectly-sized Z LED 3.3′ Strip Kit (“Z TV”) can be installed behind a large screen TV, entertainment center, or other furniture. The lights can be programmed to reduce eye strain and improve the onscreen picture quality. The Z Controller Pack Upgrade is required to connect and use Siri or the Apple Home app on iPhones, Smart Watches, and other Apple mobile devices. The Z Connector Cable can be used as an extension.

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Feature LIFX Lights

Strip Lighting

Just as the LIFX review shows how strip lighting can be used for gaming and TV, it works wonders for any room in the house. LED strips can be placed around china cabinets, headboards, a kitchen island, or anyplace that would look great with lighted accents. The 6.6′ or 3.3′ Strip Kits can be used along with the Z Controller Pack and Cable. There’s also a 3.3″ Strip Extension that provides more options.

Light Panels

LIFX Light Panels add even more pizzazz to a home or office. The panels come as a Single Tile Kit or a 3 Tile Kit. The tiles can be placed anywhere from walls to tabletops and even combined with the LIFX Beam. The short or long Tile Cables and the Tile Power Supply is required.

LIFX Accessories

LIFX offers a number of accessories to go along with the LED smart bulbs, beams, and panels. These include the optional or required cables, power supplies, extensions as well as the controller pack for Apple. These help to extend the uses of LIFX products to suit the needs throughout the home and office. Flic is another available accessory for those who’d rather use buttons instead of apps and voice commands to control their LIFX LED lighting.


The LIFX app makes it possible to control all LED lights using any one of the major voice assistants found on smart speakers, phones and various mobile devices. These include Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things, Cortana compatible, and others. Using voice commands, the smart lights can be told to do such things as dim the light, change colors, turn on or off, etc. The app connects to Wi-Fi, no bridge or hub is required to make it work.

LIFX Summary

This LIFX review provides an overview of the LIFX smart bulb products and accessories. Their flexibility allows for many different configurations and programs suited to everyday needs. From gaming and watching TV to simply enhancing the ambiance through the home or office, LIFX offers options that are limited only by the imagination.

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