In addition to the functional and decorative aspects of smart lights, they also give your home or business energy efficiency and control with available smart assistants. You can also have fun with your lighting system creating and displaying art with your smart lights. But smart lighting options continue to grow, and you may want to look at Nanoleaf alternatives to compare features, ease of installation as value for your dollars. Below we look at some to give a general sense of comparable products available.


Features of Nanoleaf

The Nanoleaf brings together lighting, color, and music in triangular LED light panels. The shape of these panels allows you to make any arrangement you like for your wall of lights using the “linkers” and mounting tape included in the starter kit. The starter kit comes with nine panels but you can add more as your need increases. On one Controller you can connect up to 30 Light Panels. Colors and animations can be customized with the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter Kit displays rhythmic color displays of your favorite music to give you the perfect setting and mood for any space. It has built-in sensors to auto-sense sounds. With your smartphone, you can create different scenes with your lights or even select from the available community options. Control of your light and selection of scenes can also be done with Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google Assistant.

A special rhythm module attaches to any light panel and takes the system to a new level of light displays. It allows all the panels to react to different music genres in real-time. The result is a beautiful show for your eyes and soothing sounds for your ears. No hub is needed, and you can purchase additional panels to increase the size of the on-wall artwork to display with up to 30 panels. See more on Nanoleaf Rhythm and how it works in this review.

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The Nanoleaf smart lights Installation and mounting

Your Nanoleaf lights can be installed and mounted with a snap. You just snap the panels together with the included “linkers” to form a circuit from the control box which you plug into the power supply. Mounting tape is also provided for a drill-free installation. Learn more about the installation here and you can also get inspiration ideas for your lighting designs and displays. A nine-panel starter kit will cost around $229 and includes a power supply and the Nanoleaf Rhythm module to sync color changes with your music. You can get a three-panel extension kit for $60 and you can connect 30 panels to a power source.

Considering the pros for the Nanoleaf smart Light we can say,

  • The lights are less costly than the newer Nanoleaf Canvas.
  • Though its app is easy enough to use, you can also control your lights by Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.
  • The upgrade Rhythm mode makes it a definite favorite.

Nanoleaf Alternatives

1. The new Lifx Tile smart panels

Lifx offers a great alternative with its tiles. Though the Lifx lights include strip, beam, and tiles, the tiles would be the lights most suited to be considered a Nanoleaf alternative. Unlike Nanoleaf smart lights, these smart tiles are square in shape. The weight of each tile is a pound and has a thickness which gives them a greater three-dimensional feel. These lights can also be remotely controlled by Wi-Fi from the app

A starter kit of five Lifx smart tiles cost $250 with its power supply. The power supply can power only the five tiles of the kit. Extension sets and single tiles are not available.

lifx tile
Photo Credit: LIFX / The Verge

Features of Lifx smart tiles

Each Lifx smart tile has 64 separate lighting zones to display any color you want at any time. This makes more complex design possible and allows you to “paint” in each panel in the app, or you can choose from the many themes to color the Tiles with preset colors. You can also set the Tiles to change colors, flicker like a candle, or act as a strobe light. The Tiles, like Nanoleaf panels, can sync with your music from your phone.

Like Nanoleaf, Lifx has an app for both Android and IOS devices and can work through Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.


Installation is also simple for Lifx tiles. Like Nanoleaf’s panels, they come with 3M sticky tabs for mounting onto the wall. Each Lifx tile is connected with a short cable, which allows you to space the Tiles if you need to. Due to their weight, Lifx Tiles cannot be safely mounted on the ceiling. After mounted and plugged in, the tiles are connected via wi-fi in the same way as Nanoleaf.

We can, therefore, conclude that the Lifx tile is easy to control and has a good presentation. But it does not offer the range of features we get from the Nanoleaf product.

2. Brione Smart LED Light

Brione Smart LED lights can also be considered as another Nanoleaf alternative if you want a set of light panels that respond to the music you are playing. They can be remotely controlled and You can choose from its wide range of colors and hues to get the effect you want. It also has an app control option.

These lights are relatively cheaper than the other Nanoleaf alternatives and the installation is also simple. It would be a good option to get the basic features of smart lights responding to your music without having to spend too much.

Photo Credit: Guatemala Digital

3. Yescom Wi-Fi Smart Light

The Yescom Smart Light is another lighting option that may be worth considering as another Nanoleaf alternative. It comes with 10 tiles you can arrange in the shape you desire but is not designed to be wall-mounted as the Nanoleaf. It comes with a base to be mounted and be placed on any flat surface.

Its features include:

  • Voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Control through its app
  • Dimmable lights
  • A wide array of colors

This light can be considered the most affordable in the smart light category. With this Yescom smart light, you can also use voice control through Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. The installation process is also simple and there is no hub or bridge connection. But these lights are not designed to be wall-mounted. They come with a base and can be placed on a table or desk. It’s important to note, you can only use two sets together.

It would be a good Nanoleaf alternative if you want to add some smart lighting to your home without spending too much.

Photo Credit: Massgenie


Having looked at these possible Nanoleaf alternatives, it can be seen each product is different. Nanoleaf offers better controls than its closest alternative, Lifx, for creating your own custom animations. These include direction controls and the ability to make custom Rhythm-based animations that pulse with your music. The Nanoleaf app also features a growing library of user-created animations, which are free to download and save as a favorite. The choice of a Nanoleaf alternative could also take into consideration the display you want, the physical appearance and features that suit your taste as well as what you want to pay.

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