In this Sengled review, we’re going to discuss the various products that Sengled offers to light your home and outdoors. Sengled products are in direct competition with Phillips Hue and provide a more economical alternative in smart lighting technology.

Sengled offers starter kits, white bulbs, daylight bulbs, tuneable bulbs, multicolor bulbs, motion-sensing bulbs and a few other devices in its product lineup.

Sengled Starter Kits

This part of our Sengled review addresses starter kits. It’s refreshing to note that there are several varieties to get you up and running. Each starter kit comes with a hub and two light bulbs of the same type (either white, daylight, tuneable or multicolor). Just choose the light bulb type to determine the initial price for your kit.

Sengled’s Hub operates on Zigbee technology. You can connect up to 64 bulbs to a single hub without compromising your Wi-Fi network’s performance. That’s a lot of bulbs. My entire three-bedroom house is connected to my hub and that is only 21 bulbs.

Sengled Bulbs

Sengled offers bulbs that work with a Sengled Hub (or other third party compatible devices) or without a hub. The A19 (standard), BR30 (flood) and PAR 38 (outdoor flood) refer to the style and connection type of the bulb.

Soft White

The Sengled Smart LED Soft White A19 (800 lumens, 2700lk) light bulb offers voice control and requires the use of a hub. This bulb is the workhorse of the lineup and I have them installed all over my house.

sengled soft white
Photo credit: Sengled


Sengled also offers the Smart LED Daylight A19 (800 lumens, 5000k), Smart LED Extra Bright Daylight A19 (1500 lumens, 5000K) (both of which require a hub), and the Smart LED Wi-Fi Daylight A19 (800 lumens, 5000k) (no hub required). These three bulbs offer more light for those spaces where you want a brighter area than the soft white bulb provides.

Sengled’s product line includes “tunable” bulbs, specifically, the Smart LED Tunable White A19 and Smart LED Touch Button A19 bulbs. The tunable version offers full app control of your bulb (think dimmer switch) and the touch button version offers four different brightness levels.

sengled daylight
Photo credit: Sengled


Fans of colored lights will love all the choices offered to them. The Smart LED Multicolor A19, Smart LED Multicolor BR30, Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip (2m) and the Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip Extension (1m) all require a hub. The Smart LED Wi-Fi Multicolor does not require a hub. These multicolor bulbs offer 16 million colors/shades of white to work with, and the new light strip products allow you to bring voice control to previously inaccessible nooks and crannies throughout your house.

My next acquisition will be some of the new Multicolor Extension Light Strips. You can daisy-chain up to eight 1m sections together. I plan on using them for under cabinet lighting in my kitchen, but the options are limitless.

sengled muli-color
Photo credit: Sengled

Motion Sensor

Finally, Sengled offers the Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor PAR38 Bulb. This bulb takes your smart home outside and will send push notifications to your smartphone whenever motion is detected and the light turns on outside your home. This is a great bulb to light your sidewalks and driveways. I have one in front of both my garage door and on my front walkway. It makes carrying in the groceries after dark quite convenient.

My only disappointment with Sengled’s product line is the lack of either vibration rated bulbs (for use in ceiling fans) or globe-style (decorative) bulbs such as those used in bathroom vanity fixtures. To be fair, I don’t believe that any smart bulb manufacturer makes these types of bulbs, but I look forward to when this technology is made available.


The most difficult part of the installation process during the Sengled review is all the climbing up and down step ladders to insert the bulbs into the fixtures all over the house. My helpful tips include creating a list of all the bulbs, grouped by the room they’re in, along with the associated QR code for the bulb prior to setting everything up.

We had a few hits and misses when doing our whole house installation because we “mislabeled” bulbs so that our lighting groups (also called scenes) did not work as expected when we set up our Alexa commands. It’s important to know which bulb is going where so that you achieve your desired results.

There are subtle differences based on which product you are installing, but they all begin by downloading the mobile app (iOS or Android) to your smartphone. Use your email address, choose a password, create an account and then press “Start”.

Press “Add Device” and choose the device you wish to install and follow the instructions provided. Depending on the product selected, you may be asked to scan a QR code located on the bulb or side of the box using your phone.

Next, you’ll be prompted to pair the device with your Wi-Fi network, so keep your network ID and password handy to complete this task.

Other Sengled Smart Home Products

No Sengled review would be complete without mentioning its other smart home products. Sengled also offers smart plug, smart switches, and smart window and door sensors. These, coupled with the lighting products offer you the ability to customize the security and livability of your home.

Sengled Review Conclusion

What makes Sengled’s lineup so exciting is all of the great features that these smart bulbs make available to you. Voice control, light control, motion detection, scheduling, routines, and scenes enable you to control your house down to the individual bulb.


  • Very economical
  • Offers both hub and hubless products
  • Offers both iOS and Android apps
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Wink, IFTTT, Xfinity
  • Good color quality (where applicable)
  • Lots of options allows you to create a personalized lighting solution for your home or office


  • It’s not compatible with Apple HomeKit

After doing my research and choosing to install Sengled products in my home, I felt compelled to write this Sengled review so that others could save money on their smart lighting solution. Sengled products are economical and have performed well with my Alexa devices to give me voice-controlled convenience over the lighting in my home. You can read about the full line of Sengled products on their website.

Buying the Sengled Smart Bulbs

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