Using the Google Assistant to Control Your Sonos Speakers

Integrating your Google Assistant with Sonos is straightforward and simple. You can also switch controlling Sonos with Google Assistant and Alexa. But the devices don’t work completely hand-in-hand (yet) as Sonos and Google Home don’t always speak the same language.

Sonos has three models that work with the Google Assistant – Sonos One, Beam and Move. All work in the same fashion unless specifically stated otherwise. And, although all of them work with both the Google Assistant and Alexa, if you have a mix of speakers in your home, they must all be controlled by the same assistant (though you can swap between the two at any time).

sonos one
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What Music Services Are Available Using the Google Assistant?

  • Google Play Music
  • Pandora (US only)
  • Spotify (Paid Service only)
  • Deezer (Paid Service only)
  • YouTube Music
  • Tidal

You will still have access to other services using the Sonos app, such as TuneIn and iHeart Radio, and you can also use Siri voice control on iOS devices as well.

The Good News: Connecting Your Sonos to the Google Assistant

Connecting your Sonos to the Google Assistant allows you to use the speaker as a Google Home device to control your other smart home functions (for the most part). To connect Sonos to the Google Assistant, follow these steps:

  • Download the Google Assistant app from either Apple (iOS devices) or Google Play Store(Android devices)
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app
  • Download the Sonos app
  • Select the More tab in the Sonos app
  • From here, choose Voice Services
  • Select Google Assistant then tap Add to Sonos
  • Pick the rooms where you want to add the Google Assistant
  • You’ll be taken to the Google Assistant app and prompted to sign in
  • When prompted, give Google the appropriate permissions and select your default music service
  • Repeat for each speaker if you need to add more than one
sonos beam
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More Good News: Switching from Google Assistant to Alexa

Again, you’ll go to the Sonos app and select the More tab. Choose Voice Sevices, and this time, choose Alexa instead. Then, if you want to go back to Google Assistant, just repeat these steps to go back to Google instead.

See? Easy peasy. Each assistant remembers your settings which makes it easy to toggle back and forth between the two if you desire.

Using Your Sonos Speakers like a Google Home Device

Before we tell you what Sonos can’t do, let’s focus on what it can do once hooked up to the Google Assistant. Here is a list of functions that will work with your Sonos:

  • You can set alarms
  • You can control your smart thermostat
  • You can control your smart lights
  • It will answer questions
  • Play content with Chromecast on your TV
sonos move
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The Bad News: Sonos Doesn’t Support all of Google Home’s Features

Even though the Google Assistant provides a lot of commands for Sonos, there are still some limitations. Here’s what is missing:

  • You can’t use the Broadcast mode
  • You can’t make voice calls
  • You can’t use Continued Conversations
  • You can’t use more than one assistant on your network at the same time
  • You can’t set up routines from Google Home
  • You can’t start playing from exclusive rival music providers
  • If using your Alexa device to control Sonos, you can’t play music from a service that only Google supports and vice versa.

Now, ultimately, it’s likely that all of these “issues” will be resolved in future app updates/releases from either Sonos or the Google Assistant, so it’s definitely not a reason to delay getting things set up, it’s just something to be aware of.

Using Yonomi to Control Older Sonos Devices

Even if you don’t have one of the newer Sonos devices, you can still get control with the Google Assistant with a little workaround from Yonomi.

Yonomi is a fantastic app that scans your WiFi network for smart devices and provides a lot of automation.

  • Download the Yonomi app
  • Create an account with Yonomi
  • Ater launching the app, Yonomi will find all of your Sonos speakers
  • Link your Google Assistant to your Yonomi account
  • In the Google Assistant app, select “Home Control” and then click the “+” sign and then Yonomi

Conclusion: Still Married, But It’s Not Perfect

If you’re patient and can accept the limited functionality, the controlling your Sonos with Google Home/Google Assistant might work for you. It gets the bare minimum accomplished, and the interface will most likely improve over time.

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