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What could be better than having your very own private personal assistant with you 24/7 that will keep all your schedules and reminders, store all your contacts, save your lists, including to-do-lists, read your email and messages, make calls, etc.? And, that’s not even a fraction of what the Alexa smart app can do for you. The app can also play music, access information, place orders for food, play games, tell stories and jokes, control appliances turning them off and on, answer questions, and so much more. It is also filled with some hidden surprises known as easter eggs as well. However, in order to use all these great features, you must first know the correct commands to use. In this article, you will find an Alexa commands list that you can use with your Amazon Echo or other Amazon devices that use the Alexa app.

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List of Alexa Commands

The following lists include Alexa commands that can be used with the app. Before any of these commands, you must start off with your designated wake word. Try any or all of the commands below! Simply say “Alexa…


  • disable {skill}.”
  • enable {skill}.”
  • help.”
  • louder.”
  • mute.”
  • next.”
  • open {skill}.”
  • play.”
  • previous.”
  • restart.”
  • set a sleep timer for {number} minutes.?”
  • set volume to {0-10}.”
  • stop playing in {number} minutes.”
  • stop.”
  • turn down the volume.”
  • turn up the volume.”
  • unmute.”
  • what’s playing?”
  • volume {1-10}{multi-room audio group name}.”

Alarms and Timers

  • wake me up to {radio station} at {time}.”
  • cancel my alarms for {time}.”
  • cancel the {name} timer.”
  • cancel the {number}-minute timer.”
  • how much time is left on the {name} timer?”
  • set a {name} timer for {number} minutes.”
  • set a repeating alarm for weekdays at {time}.”
  • set a second timer for {number} minutes.”
  • set a timer for {number} minutes.”
  • set an alarm for {time}.”
  • snooze.”
  • what are my timers?”
  • when’s my next alarm?”
  • wake me up at {time} to {song}.”
  • wake me up every day at {time}.”
  • wake me up every day at {time} to {song}.”
  • wake me up at {time} to {artist}.”
  • set an alarm to {radio station} on TuneIn.”
Echo dot
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Audiobooks including Audible

  • next chapter.”
  • play {book title} on Audible.”
  • play the book, {title}.”
  • previous chapter.”
  • read {title}.”
  • resume my book.”
  • when was {title} published?”
  • when was {title} written?’
  • what’s free from Audible?”


  • Bluetooth.”
  • connect to my phone.”
  • disconnect from my phone.”
  • discover my devices.”
  • pair.”
  • pair with {Bluetooth device}.”
  • disconnect from {Bluetooth device}.”

Calls & Messages

  • answer the call.”
  • invite {contact} to {event}.”
  • answer.”
  • call {name}.”
  • end the call.”
  • hang up.”
  • drop in on {Alexa device}.”
  • drop in on {name of Alexa user}.”
  • message {name}.”
  • play messages.”
  • send {name} a message.”
  • add {event} to my calendar for {day} at {time}.”
  • add an event to my calendar.”
  • what’s on my calendar for tomorrow?”
  • add {product} to my shopping list.”
  • add {task} to my to-do list.”
  • create a to-do.”
  • find me a nearby {cuisine} restaurant.”
  • I need to buy {product}.”
  • remind me to check the oven in {number} minutes.”
  • reminder.”
  • what are my reminders tomorrow?”
  • what’s on my shopping list?”
  • remind me to call {contact} every {day}.”
  • add {item} to {list name}.”
  • create the list {list name}.”

Amazon Fire TV

  • go to {channel} on Fire TV.”
  • go to {network} on Fire TV.”
  • play {title} on {app}.”
  • open {app}.”
  • launch {app}.”
  • mute Fire TV.”
  • open TV guide on Fire TV.”
  • set the volume to {0-10} on Fire TV.”
  • switch to {input} on Fire TV.”
  • turn down the volume on Fire TV.”
  • turn on Fire TV.”
  • turn up the volume on Fire TV.”
  • unmute Fire TV.”
  • watch Fire TV.”
Amazon Fire Stick 4k
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  • open Heads Up!”
  • play rock-paper-scissors.”


  • did the {team} win?”
  • give me my sports update.”
  • what are the {league} standings?”
  • what was the score of the {team} game?”
  • when do the {team} play next?”
  • where is the next {team} game?”
  • when is the next {team} game?”
  • what NBA games are on tonight?”
  • when is the Super Bowl?”
  • who’s leading the NBA in points per game?”
  • how fast can Serena Williams serve?”
  • what Olympic events are today?”
  • what’s happening in the Olympics?”
  • who will win the Super Bowl?”
  • what are you doing for the big game?”


  • test my history knowledge.”
  • what’s the quote of the day?”
  • tell me a fact about dogs.”
  • I want to learn something.”
  • when was Generation X born?”
  • when were the Dark Ages?”
  • what’s the shortest word in the English language?”

Television & Movies

  • give me a {title} quote.”
  • tell me about the movie {title}.”
  • what {genre} movies are playing {future time}?”
  • what is {actor}‘s latest movie?”
  • what was {actor}‘s first movie?”
  • what is the IMDb rating for {movie}?”
  • what is the IMDb rating for {TV show}?”
  • what movies are playing?”
  • who plays {character} in {movie}?”
  • who plays {character} in {TV show}?”
  • who plays in {movie}?”
  • who plays in {TV show}?”
  • what’s your favorite movie?”
  • find {title}.”
  • find {genre}.”
  • show moves on {app}.”
  • show me titles with {actor}.”
  • what are the best films of {year}?”
  • who is the highest paid actor?”


  • find {album} by {artist}.”
  • find {song} by {artist}.”
  • play {artist} station on Pandora.”
  • play {artist}.”
  • play {playlist} on Spotify.”
  • play {radio station} on TuneIn.”
  • play baby-making music.”
  • play music by {artist}.”
  • play music for {activity}.”
  • play music for {mood}.”
  • play some music.”
  • play that song that goes {lyrics}.”
  • play the latest {artist} album.”
  • play the song of the day.”
  • sample songs by {artist}.”
  • what’s popular from {artist}?”
  • who sings this song?”
  • when did {artist} release {album}?”
  • when did {artist} release {song}?”
  • what’s the band {name}?”

We hope you enjoyed testing out these commands!

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