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Google continuously produces more and more smart home gadgets for individuals to enjoy. Today, they have brought us a whole series of smart home devices that work together, including, Google Home Max, Google Home, and Google Home Mini. All of these devices are great to use on their own, but put together they can do more than you can imagine. You can combine these devices to create an awesome Google home intercom system at your residence. This will allow you to send messages to different rooms in your home from speaker to speaker. Many people use google home as intercom systems as it’s a great way to communicate with others in your home from another room, without having to move or shout. This article will show you a simple way to create a Google home intercom system, using broadcast.

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How to use Google Home as an Intercom System for Your Home

The Broadcast feature allows users to send and receive messages back and forth from your phone or a speaker located in any room of your house to other speakers in your home. For example, someone in your home broadcasts that dinner’s ready over the speaker system, you can then reply by sending a transcription and an audio message back to let them know you are on your way, which will be sent back to the phone or speaker the broadcast came from. Subsequent replies will play through the speaker the response came from. If you also have a Smart Display, such as the Google Nest Hub, rather than a smart speaker, you can use the Reply function whenever a broadcast is received.

Broadcasting Using Google Assistant

You don’t need to do much to set up this broadcasting feature in your home as most of it is already done for you when you first get your smart home speakers. All you need to set this up is at least two Google Home Speakers connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you are signed into for each of them. Make sure your speakers are not set on “Downtime” through “Digital Wellbeing” or the message won’t play. The best thing about setting up this intercom system is that anyone can use it to broadcast, even guests. Take note that when you broadcast through the system, your message can be heard on all the speakers signed on to the same Google account, of course, with the exception of the one you are speaking into. You can also use Google’s assistant from your iPhone or Android to broadcast a message. To do this you must download, install, and set up both the Google Home app and Google Assistant, and then ensure that “Do Not Disturb” is off.

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How You Can Use Your Google Smart Home Intercom System

Now that your broadcasting system is all set up and ready to go, you can start using it to broadcast messages throughout your home. Begin your broadcast by saying, “Ok Google, broadcast” then deliver whatever message you want to send out through the speakers in your home. There are even some cool surprises that you will encounter while using this Google home intercom to send some everyday, common messages, such as announcing “it’s dinner time,” which will result in a dinner bell ringing. Another great thing about this setup is you don’t even have to be home to broadcast. As mentioned, you can broadcast right from your smartphone to your home speakers. For example, you can let your family know when you are on the way home without having to send a text message or make a phone call. The system works just like a traditional home intercom system you may have previously had installed in your home, yet without all the complexity of installing it.

This broadcasting feature is only available for users residing in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia who have their devices set on the English language, but more languages will soon be available. Messages in the past could only be sent one way without getting a response, so you never had any way of knowing if your message was received or not, but now sending messages back and forth within your home is easy. This is really better than an intercom or walkie-talkie’s since you can use this new system hands-free from anywhere a smart speaker is available in your home.

Additional Features Google Has Added to its Smart Home Speakers

In addition to being able to reply to broadcasts, Google also added some other great new features to its home speaker devices that include:

  • A feature for kids that allows its users to set alarms in cartoon character voices, such as the Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga!
  • A recipe feature that suggests recipes with a display using Google Home products. They even give you your own cookbook that you can add your favorite recipes to for safekeeping.
  • Podcast and audiobooks, playback control that you can use to change the speed to playback slower or faster.
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The initial broadcast will be heard over all your Google Home devices, subsequent replies can only be heard over the speaker you replied from except for certain phrases. These messages will also broadcast over the speaker you are broadcasting from: Start with “Hey Google,…

  • shout it’s time for dinner.”
  • broadcast wake up everyone.”
  • shout sleep time.”
  • tell everyone it’s time to leave.”
  • tell everyone the show is about to start.”
  • announce I’m home.”

You can also use the convenient intercom system to send a customized message to others in your household. To send a customized message, say, “ok Google, Broadcast (message)”. You can also use other commands in place of “broadcast,” such as “tell everyone,” “shout,” or “announce”.


While we believe Amazon was the first to come out with the modern smart home intercom system, Google has done a great job catching up to speed in the market. No more shouting across your home to gain the attention of others or having to get up and go find someone on your own to give them a message. Now, you can simply broadcast messages through your Google speaker devices in your home that can be heard by all the other Google speakers in your home. This is a great way to broadcast messages to other residents in your home who can even reply back. Our favorite thing about this system is that you don’t even have to be home to use it, as you can broadcast messages right from your iPhone or Android device.

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