It looks like Amazon has been keeping itself very busy these days, designing a wide variety of devices that include anywhere from smart home cameras to smart home speakers and more. This article will consist of an Amazon Cloud Cam review that will answer all your questions and more about the device. So, let’s jump right into the Amazon Cloud Cam Review.

The Full Amazon Cloud Cam Review

What is an Amazon Cloud Camera and How Does it Work?

Amazon Cloud Cam is all you need to keep your home safe and secure. Like all cloud-based cameras, it is designed with simplicity, ease-of-use, and home security in mind. After setting your Amazon Cloud Cam up in the spot you want to monitor, you will be able to keep close tabs on your house from any location. It works by using always-ready motion detection; a feature that will notify you immediately when any activity or motion has been detected by the Cloud Cam device; however, it will only stream when either live view is turned on or if it detects any kind of motion.

Once a motion has been detected by Cloud Cam, it will start to capture the activity in 1080p and won’t stop recording until there is no longer any motion detected. The recording will be streamed to the cloud where it will be analyzed by advanced computer vision algorithms, then divided into up to 5-minute clips, and stored in MP4 format within the Amazon drive for 24 hours at no additional cost.

Users can then access the streamed footage from anywhere they are. You can also access your Amazon Cloud Cam device through the web portal to view live streams. This is especially helpful when you are not at home, but have access to a computer and want to check on your pets or other things at your house.

Amazon Cloud Cam
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Amazon Cloud Camera Features and Specs

There are a number of things the Cloud Cam can be used for: use it as a pet or baby monitor, to speak to people at the door, or as an intercom system in your home as it contains the two-way talk feature that you can use from anywhere you are to talk to people at home. The Amazon Cloud Cam two-way audio speakers are located in the back of the camera. To speak open the Cloud Cam app, then press and hold down the microphone icon while speaking into your phone.

Like most smart cameras, the Amazon Cloud Cam supports Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant. In addition, your Cloud Cam works together with Ring products through Alexa. However, because the Cloud Cam is a separate security system, you won’t be able to integrate it directly into a Ring system and your devices won’t be able to talk to each other directly either.

Considering the specifications of the Cloud Cam; it can be compared to cameras that cost twice as much. Camera specs are as follows:

  • 1080p resolution
  • Films at 30fps
  • Offers a 4x digital zoom
  • Night vision
  • Live streaming
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion sensor
  • 120° field of view

Setting Up the Amazon Cloud Cam

Currently, you can only use the Amazon Cloud Cam indoors. If you’re looking for outdoor functionality, this is not the one for you. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor may be a bit expensive, but it is waterproof and can be used outdoors.

In the Smartphone app, the main interface used for the camera is the Cloud Cam smartphone app for Android and iOS. The setup is very simple; you just connect through your Amazon account. The app provides many options. In live view, you have the option to rotate the camera and automatically switch to full screen, there you will also find a list of your stored clips for playback.

Note: You can change the notification frequency or turn notifications off by navigating to the app’s settings and turning ‘Motion Detected’ off.

Accessing the Cloud Camera

When turned on, the Cloud Cam records several seconds of video and keeps these clips on the device in temporary storage and writes over it continuously. When a motion event is detected, it records a video clip, which you can access through your Amazon Drive account or Cloud Cam App,

To access the Cloud Cam on a desktop or laptop computer, visit the Cloud Cam program found here and sign into the account used for your Cloud Cam. There, you can watch a live view of the cam, and watch clips recorded previously by your Cloud Cam.

The live video stream will display in black and white when the Infrared Lights on the camera are on. This allows the night vision feature, as we can’t see color in the dark. You should set the Infrared settings to automatic to allow the cam to determine the best view.

You can reset your Amazon Cloud Cam back to factory settings, which will also change your Wi-Fi network. To do this locate the tiny reset pinhole located on the back of your device. You can use a paper clip to reset the camera by inserting it into the pinhole and holding it for five seconds. When the blue and green lights on the front of the Cloud Cam start pulsing you can open the app and start the setup process.

Amazon Cloud Cam
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How to Permanently Delete Videos

To delete videos you have to sign in to your Amazon Cloud Drive account. Click the “three horizontal lines” located on the left of the screen to open the navigation menu and select the “Deleted Items’ list. Check the boxes next to the videos and photos you want to delete and click “Permanently Delete”.

Is the Amazon Cloud Cam Secure?

As far as protecting your privacy, Amazon Cloud Cam does a good job. When a video is recorded by your Cloud Camera, it is sent right to Amazon’s servers where it is safely stored without sharing any content with third parties.

How to Purchase an Amazon Cloud Cam Subscription Plan

Without a subscription plan, up to three cameras will be supported. More than three cameras, but up to ten, will require a paid subscription plan. You can purchase a Cloud Cam subscription plan right from your Android device: Start by opening the Cloud Cam app, tap the “Menu icon” (three bars,) then tap “Plans”. Choose the plan you want and then follow the instructions to sign up and pay.

Amazon Cloud Cam Review Conclusion

The Amazon Cloud Cam does not record video 24/7, rather it will only record all the activity and motion it detects with its sensors and stores them in the cloud. You will get a notification of this activity if you accepted the default settings and can then access the video in the cloud and view whatever was recorded. While it is an indoor cam only, it is a good buy for the money.

It is important to note that the Amazon Cloud Cam (ACC) was discontinued in the middle of October 2019, so Amazon can put more focus on its newer Ring Camera system.

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