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Smart technology has allowed everything from phones to cars to taken on a life its own. Whether or not you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’, having a smart home is a thing now. The good news is that it’s not as difficult as it sounds to transform your house into a smart home. The Amazon Smart Plug, for instance, is an ordinary-looking plug with a lot of features to make controlling your home devices more convenient. If you’ve been searching for smart home technology, then an Amazon smart plug setup might be just what you need. Read this Amazon Smart Plug Review to learn more about the specs, features, and uses for the Amazon smart plug.

Amazon Smart Plug Specifications

The best thing about the Amazon Smart Plug is its simple design. This single-socket plug has three standard outlet prongs and is Wi-Fi-enabled. Weighing in at only 3.5 ounces, the plug measures 3.2 inches long, 1.5 inches tall and 2.2 inches wide. Its compact design fits in an outlet without covering up the second outlet, so you have room to plug in other electronics. The smart plug features an on/off button located on the side. When turned on, a small blue-colored LED light on the front lights up.

amazon smart plug

Amazon Smart Plug Features

It looks like any other plug or adapter that fits into an outlet. However, this inconspicuous little plug has built-in voice control that lets you manage everything around the home. From lights and fans to TVs and alarm systems, you can control many devices with the smart plug, Wi-Fi, and a connection to any of many different types of voice assistant devices. The voice assistant must be an Alexa-enabled device such as:

  • Smart speakers (e.g., Amazon Echo)
  • Tablets (e.g., Amazon Fire Tablet)
  • TV sticks (e.g., Amazon Fire TV)
  • Smartphones with the Alexa app installed (e.g., iOS, Android)

Amazon Smart Plug Uses

What you do with the smart plug is only limited by your imagination. If an electronic device plugs into an outlet and has an on/off switch, then in most cases, you can control it with the smart plug. Some functions may require compatibility with the voice assistance device, Alexa app, and other integrations. Also, there must be an available Wi-Fi source. Unfortunately, the smart plug does not work with IFTTT-enable electronics such as thermostats and door locks.

amazon smart plug

Turn Items On and Off

As long as the electrical item has a mechanical on/off switch, then it can be voice-controlled when plugged into the smart plug. Whether big or small, basic or complex, these electronics can be anything including lights, fans, coffee makers, humidifiers, electric kettle, holiday tree lights, and more. It’s easy to test if your item will work with the smart plug, follow these steps: 1) turn on the device, 2) unplug the power cord from the outlet, 3) plug it back in and 4) check to see if the device is on and working, which signifies that it’s compatible with the smart plug. Once it’s set up, all you have to do is say a command such as “Alexa, turn off the fan,” and you won’t have to bother getting up to do it yourself.

Set Routines and Schedules

Once you have various smart plugs installed and connected to your devices, you can sync them together using the Alexa app. This allows you to set multiple routines and schedules for when you want your electronics to be turned on and off. For example, after you wake up in the morning, you can say, “Alexa, start my day!” to turn specific lights on and even start your coffee brewing. This setup is perfect for those who may not be as mobile in their homes.

Keep Home Secure While Away

When you have smart plugs installed throughout your house along with an Echo device, you can set up the Guard function through the app that tells Alexa to act as a security guard when you’re not at home. When the Guard function is set to the “away” mode, your Echo device can automatically turn lights on and off using Away Lighting. This way, your home will be light at night making it look like someone is home to deter would-be intruders. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, I’m away!” Alexa watches over your home in any one of three ways:

  • Away Lighting
  • Smart Alerts
  • Ring or ADT Integration

Away Lighting works with any lights that are connected to the smart plug, as well as smart bulbs and Alexa-certified switches. Smart Alerts can be set up when away so that your Echo device picks up a range of sounds, including glass breaking, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms. It will make a 10-second recording of the sound and send an alert to your phone. This gives you a chance to listen to the sound and determine if action needs to be taken, such as to forward it to your security provider or dial emergency services. If you have Ring or ADT, you can integrate your security system to Alexa. When you receive sound alerts, you can have the sound clips automatically forwarded to your security system provider and have them investigate to make sure the house is safe.

amazon smart plug

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Smart Plug

While the Amazon Smart Plug offers many useful features, it may not be for everyone. You must carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of an Amazon smart plug setup. Following is a list of pros and cons to help you decide if this smart plug will suit your smart home needs.


  • Small, compact design allows for other devices to be plugged in
  • 3-prong adapter configuration makes it easy to set up
  • Reliable 15 amp input and output
  • Works with the Alexa app or an Echo device


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • No IFTTT support to connect all apps and devices
  • Doesn’t work with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit
  • Is not weatherproof; it can only be used indoors
  • Lacks energy reporting


Based on this Amazon Smart Plug Review, the Amazon Smart Plug is a good choice for those who want some essential functions to make their home smarter. The smart plug works with any device that plugs in and has an on/off switch. Using the Alexa app, you can set up routines and schedules to make daily life more comfortable. With an Echo device, you can also use voice commands to do the same things as with the app. The nice thing about the Amazon Smart Plug is that you can also set it up to make your home more secure while you’re out of the house. No matter your needs, the Amazon smart plug setup offers many conveniences, whether for busy families or those who are homebound.

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