This Echo Studio review will answer all your questions about the device. The new Echo Studio sounds much better than other Echo speakers, as it puts out a high-quality sound. It can also be paired with an Amazon Fire TV for a great sounding home theater system.

It combines many features, such as the Fire TV hookup and Dolby Atmos, at an affordable price. The downsides are the microphones are very sensitive and it doesn’t always have distinct sounds, making it less suitable for showcasing Atmos or 3D music. Also, multiroom support lags behind Apple Airplay and Sonos and the Fire TV is required for Dolby Atmos. Still, the Echo Studio is the best sounding and biggest speaker produced by Amazon. Continue reading our Echo Studio review to learn more.

Echo Studio Review

When Amazon first released the original Alexa-based Echo years ago, it was less than impressive. Through improved sound quality and the design, the end result is the new Echo Studio.

The Echo Studio delivers amazing sound quality with more bass, thanks to its multiple arrays of drivers and the ability to bounce audio sound off walls. It’s hard to believe that a single speaker could produce such a powerful sound, which makes streaming content, like movies, sound massive even without the accuracy of a multi-speaker setup.

If you already have several Echo speakers and would like a high fidelity smart speaker to add to the mix, the Echo Studio is the perfect addition. However, it’s important to add to this Echo Studio review, it’s not a home theater nor is it hi-fi. One of my favorite features is the Alexa digital assistant and the Zigbee on-board smart home hub. It makes the Echo Studio the best sounding speaker that can also control your other smart home devices.

What sets the Echo Studio apart from the rest is its 3D audio support, including Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos. However, you will only be able to hear 3D audio by purchasing a $14.99 per month subscription to Amazon Music HD. And with 3D formats being limited there is room for improvement. Echo Studio is also compatible with the following audio streaming platforms:

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Pandora
  • SiriusXM
  • iHeartRadio
  • TuneIn

Note: the 3D format is not supported by these platforms

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What Does 3D Music Got that Digital Sound Don’t?

Music tracks mixed in 3D sound very different from standard stereo sound as 3D music is intended to fill the room with various sounds coming at you from all different angles. You can feel the music surrounding you with certain instruments and sounds feeling unique. According to Amazon, when listening to 3D music you should feel the music all around you rather than coming from wherever the speaker is located. However, in order for songs to support 3D, they must be mixed specifically for 3D sound.

You can also stream the music you own as the Echo Studio can handle more conventional audio codecs, including MP3, FLAC, Opus, Vorbis, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus.

The Echo Studio has a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that can decode tracks with 24-bit resolution at 48 kHz sampling rates. Additionally, the speaker is designed with a dual-band Wi-Fi adaptor and supports Bluetooth. Notably, it doesn’t support aptX HD or other hi-fi wireless connection codecs.

The controls of the Amazon Echo Studio are basic and encircle around the top. Left to right: Mic mute – volume down – volume up – and pause. Continue reading the Echo Studio review for specs and pros/cons.

Echo Studio specifications

The Echo Studio contains three 2.0-inch mid-range drivers: one firing right, one firing left, and one firing straight up along with a 1.0-inch tweeter that fires right at the listener. A down-firing 5.25-inch woofer is directly above a bass gap that controls the lower frequencies. Driven by Class D amplifiers, these speakers deliver 330 watts of combined peak power. Amazon touts the Echo Studio delivers an impressive 30Hz to 24 kHz frequency range.

Echo Studio as a Smart Home Hub

The Echo Studio is equipped with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, allowing it to directly control other smart home devices supported by Zigbee radios, like Philips Hue.

Zigbee is one of these protocols that allows you to control your smart devices over Wi-fi which eliminates the need for a hub altogether. This lets you use the Echo Smart Speakers’ voice commands to control other smart devices around your home, such as ceiling fan controllers, light switches, smart locks, thermostats, and more. Therefore, the Echo can serve as a bridge between your home, smart devices on almost all platforms. Even if the Echo Studio isn’t your central controller, it’s still a fantastic addition to your smart home.

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  • Supports many streaming music service platforms
  • A spacious and loud sound
  • Includes all the features of other Alexa Echo speakers
  • Can be paired with a Fire TV
  • Dolby Atmos Home theatre system
  • Supports new 3D sound
  • It can be used as a hub to control your other smart home devices


  • There are not enough songs in 3D yet to really be hyped
  • To be able to use the 3D features, you have to pay $14.99 per month for an Amazon Music HD subscription
  • The bass could be more powerful
  • Due to its large size, it takes up a lot of space
  • The microphones are very sensitive

Echo Studio Review Conclusion

The Echo Studio is an awesome speaker for the price. Although the sound quality is a great improvement from its predecessors, don’t expect a loudspeaker bass booming audiophile as it is not that powerful.

In addition, the Echo Studio is basically the same as any other Echo device only much bigger. It has the same glowing blue light ring that glows when Alexa listens, the same audio buttons for volume, mute, etc, and the same always-listening seven mics for listening to voice commands like all the others. The main difference compared to other Echo speakers is the new Echo Studio is much larger. The size allows for more under the hood to provide better audio sound and more bass. To top it off, it can be used as a hub to control many other smart home devices.

Buying the Echo Studio

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