This Google Home Hub review will have all the answers to your questions about the device and more. The Google Home Hub is proving to be a big favorite among users, as it has many helpful functions, like the photo frame feature. Currently, there is a bundle offer where you can get a six-month YouTube Premium trial when you purchase a Home Hub which costs around $12 per month once the trial ends. This program allows you to use YouTube without ads. Continue reading this Google Home Hub review for an in-depth look.

Google Home Hub Review

Don’t let the small size of the Google Home Hub fool you; it is a smart display loaded with valuable features. The Google Home Hub combines a touchscreen feature used to watch videos, look at photos, control your smart home, and more with a voice-controlled smart speaker. This small device costs around $100 and it can control your smart home, take you step-by-step, through a recipe, and more. This feature-rich device comes highly recommended by many fans.

The Google Home Hub has intuitive voice commands and effortless touch controls so easy that anyone in your home will be able to control it. One of the downsides of the Nest Hub is that it doesn’t have a camera; however, those who value privacy may find this an asset. If you would prefer a larger display, Google also has a newer branded device on the market with some unique features, like gesture control, called the Google Nest Hub Max. It too is affordable and offers a 10-inch screen with a built-in Nest Cam. Additionally, JBL and Lenovo also have 10-inch smart displays with the Google Assistant built-in and provide the same features as the Google Nest Hub.

Surrounding the 7-inch screen is two microphones on a bezel facing forward with an ambient light sensor between the mics that looks like a dot that would otherwise be a camera lens. There are buttons on the back used to control the volume and a switch to mute the microphone. To use the features that the Home Hub provides, you’ll have to either use a voice command or its touchscreen.

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A Great Entertainment Hub

A subscription is not required to watch general YouTube videos on the Hub. Search for your favorite videos by touch screen or by using your voice, then scroll through the search result options. Being able to watch YouTube videos on the Google Home Hub is a big advantage over the Amazon Echo Show. Previously, Amazon and Google had a dispute causing Google to remove Amazon’s rights to the streaming site and its contents. You can use Echo Show to watch videos on YouTube through a browser, but you won’t be able to use voice commands.

You can stream videos through subscription services like CBS All Access, Netflix, HBO Now, and more. All of which can be controlled using the voice command feature with Chromecast built-in or a Chromecast streamer. Additionally, you can watch live TV on the Hub if you have a subscription to the live TV service Youtube TV. Moreover, there are many options to listen to your favorite tunes through Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music. If you want Google to search any of these platforms first when searching for a song, just set the service as your default.

Using the Google Home app, you can customize your speaker’s equalization settings, adding in more or less bass and treble. You can also set another speaker to be used as the default rather than the Hub’s own built-in speaker, for better sound quality. And you can add the Hub to speaker groups with Chromecast audio streamer or Google Assistant smart speakers.

Sound Quality

While the display is crisp and clear, the sound quality is not so great and can’t compare to other smart displays like the JBL Link View or the Amazon Echo Show. It’s more like the Google Home Mini small smart speaker. On another note, the Google Home Hub’s microphone isn’t too shabby. The microphone easily understands voice commands even across a large room or from another room nearby and over other sounds as well.

A Great Personal Assistant

The Google Home Hub allows you to issue a wide array of voice commands. You can ask questions and get answers with the built-in Google assistant, by setting up the google home app on your Wi-Fi. As with other devices that use the Google smart assistant, ask a question and you can use the touchscreen to follow up with helpful visuals. For example, ask to search for a local restaurant and the results will contain photos of places to dine nearby that you can tap for more information.

Your Google assistant can also find phone numbers from your contacts list and dial them for you per your request. With Google Duo (a mobile video chat app) you can even make video calls. However, because the Home Hub device is not equipped with a camera, you can see the recipient but they can’t see you. Keep reading our Google Home Hub review to learn about my favorite feature.

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A super-smart digital picture frame

The Google Home Hub is equipped with a new feature known as Ambient EQ and an ambient light sensor. This feature adjusts both the warmth and brightness in the room and gauges the light to match the photo on the screen for a fantastic photo display. If you move the hub around or turn the lights in the room off, the sensors adapt quickly and in dim-lit areas, the display will look like a billboard that’s glowing. You can also customize the Hubs ambient mode with the Home app to show a variety of different clock faces.

Using Live Albums

Google can curate your personal photos and the Google Assistant can help to sort your photos by people or places based on whom it recognizes and where they were taken. One good thing about this feature is that Google will filter out the bad pictures, such as those that were not properly framed or focused. Keep reading the Google Home Hub review to find out if it’s worth it.

Google Home Hub Review Conclusion

I will conclude this Google Home Hub review with this note. This small device has a lot of value for the money. It has the best smart display, is cheaper than others like it, and it works just as good, but the digital photo frame is definitely the highlight of this device. All that being said, I would recommend splurging on the Google Nest Hub Max. It offers a larger display, a more powerful speaker, and a front-facing camera for video chatting.

Buying the Google Home Hub and Nest Hub Max

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