Logitech Circle 2 Review

This Logitech Circle 2 Review contains all the information you will need to know about the device and how it works. Read on to find out about all the benefits, features and design of the Logitech Circle 2. While there are actually two versions on the market today that include wired and wireless, this Logitech Circle 2 review is about the wireless model. The Google-owned Nest has some good competition with the Logitech Circle 2.

The Full Logitech Circle 2 Review

It has never been so cheap or easy to watch your property as it is now with the Logitech Circle 2. You no longer have to call someone to install an old expensive bulky CCTV camera in your home for security. All you will need now is an IP security camera and an iOS or Android app that you can download on your smartphone to control it. Logitech Circle 2 is one of the latest technologies to join the lineup of IP security cameras. This new unit is similar to the first Circle device only with a few upgrades and improvements that include weatherproofing for outdoor use and longer battery life.

logitech circle 2 wired and wireless
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The Logitech Circle 2 is a white camera that is solidly built like the Nest cam IQ, but it is slightly bigger and more rounded in shape. Moreover, this new device can be used indoors while mounted on its included swivel base or outdoors with the included bracket, two wall anchors, and two screws. Logitech also has many other options available for different mounting types, such as a plugin mount that you can use to keep an eye on pets and a window mount that is very handy for watching the outside all from the comfort of wherever you are.

It is fast and simple to put the Logitech Circle 2 camera together. There are three main parts that come inside the box including the camera, a rechargeable battery, and a swivel base that contains a quick release plate, which will fit into the back of the device.

Rather than a traditional lens set up for a DSLR camera where you need to line up the arrows, the lens of the Logitech Circle 2 camera simply screws right into the rechargeable battery and the swivel base can be adjusted to any angle easily. To charge the Lithium-Ion battery, just connect its universal USB plug to a micro USB port. If you would like to charge the battery while the camera is running, you can purchase optional extra spare batteries.


To set up the Logitech Circle 2 all you have to do is download either the iPhone app or the Logi Circle app and hit the setup button. It will ask you which camera type you want to use and then attempt to pair it with Bluetooth. During this process, the blue light circling the outside of the lens will flash. Make sure that your camera is fully charged and connected to the mains during the setup process or it won’t be able to pair.

When the camera is paired successfully, the light surrounding the lens will turn to white to indicate it is connected and the light in the back of the device will either be green if fully charged or amber if it is charging or in the case the battery is low, a red light will flash around the lens. Once set up, you will be able to control the camera with the app or you can go to the following link https://circle.logi.com/ for a web-based experience.

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Recording options

The Logitech Circle 2 is well equipped to provide you with the latest security options. It has a 180-degree lens on-board for a panoramic view of your home and there are different view options to choose from, including narrow wide and ultra-wide modes. You can also change the default settings (set at 720p) to 1080p to record video footage in high definition.

In addition, you can view specified recordings when your camera detects motion or you can watch video footage in live mode with the camera’s motion filtering feature. Recording time can be adjusted between 10 to 60 seconds and shown on the app’s sidebar right next to the time. There is also a daily brief feature that allows you to view edited security highlights for a select amount of time, which you can also adjust between 6 and 60 seconds.

Performance and Use

You can talk to someone at the door or anywhere your camera is set up using the Circle 2 by pressing and holding the microphone button then speaking into your phone. Although it’s not really loud, even when set on maximum settings, the sound will come out of the small speaker built-in to your device.

With the night vision feature, you can record footage in dark areas while the zone editor allows you to draw an image of any area you want to receive alerts for, like a front door. While most of the available features are free to use, you can subscribe to Logitech’s Circle Safe for a monthly fee of $3.99 per month for added functionality. You will also get up to 31 days of storage with one day as standard, person detection, and multiple motion zones. Person detection is a cool feature that’s similar to the Nest cam IQ where your camera will actually let you know if it spots a specific person, like a family member.

Indoor Use

The Logitech Circle 2 also does a decent job when it comes to indoor use. The setup is pretty straightforward and the picture quality is quite high, especially when using 1080p. However, this will require a good Wi-Fi connection or you might consider getting the wired version instead.

One important note to mention in this Logitech Circle 2 review is that the further away you are from your broadband router the more the signal will drop. In fact, the signal drops more on this device than it does with other similar security devices. In addition, the provided swivel mount doesn’t seem to be strong enough to carry the camera’s weight when faced in a downward position, which also poses a problem at times. Furthermore, this device requires a rechargeable 6700 mAh Li-ion battery to work and these batteries need to be recharged by removing them from the camera at regular intervals. However, Logitech claims a fully charged battery will last up to 3 months.

logitech circle 2 wireless mounted
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Logitech Circle 2 Review Conclusion

It looks like the Google-owned Nest has some stiff competition with the Logitech Circle 2 as this smart camera has many nice features, such as night vision, high-definition recording, two-way audio, and more without having to pay for additional subscriptions. This device also has its good looks going for it, not to mention how easy it is to both set up and use.

The only downsides to the Logitech Circle 2 are, its performance at a distant range, it sometimes struggles to get a Wi-Fi signal, and the quick release plate on the swivel mount isn’t really ideal for mounting outside, but the picture quality and everything else is fabulous.

Buying the Logitech Circle 2

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