Nest Cam Indoor Review

This Nest Cam Indoor review will answer all your questions about the device and more.

Full Nest Cam Indoor Review

Thanks to the Nest Cam Indoor easy setup, integration with other smart products like the Nest Protect smoke alarm and Nest Learning Thermostat, its clear video, and the Dropcam Pro this device is a top-rated wireless security camera.

Its exceptional successor, the Nest Cam, has top-notch night vision, even sharper 1080p video, and improved motion and sound alerts, which makes it one of the best home security cameras of its time.

One thing worth mentioning in this Nest Cam Indoor review is that Google is in the process of updating the Nest Cam and the new product will no longer allow users the ability to turn off the status light, but you will still be able to dim it, the camera will continue to glow green while it is on. Additionally, the Nest Cam’s light will blink when streaming live video, but you will no longer be able to disable this function in the new version either.

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The Nest Cam has a sleek design, with a cool-gray metal stand that supports the glossy black camera eye. The magnetic base offers stability for the camera and supports the slim, pivoting leg that’s attached to the lens. On top of the lens, there is one LED that will flash blue when the camera is connecting to a network and when it’s recording it stays solid green.

The 10-foot power/USB cord is very convenient and plugs into a MicroUSB port located in the rear of the camera. The USB port disconnects from the plug so that the device can plug into any available USB port, including a desktop or laptop.

Included with the Nest Cam are a wall-mounting plate, hardware, and a magnetic base, giving you several different options for placing the camera in different locations: standing on a flat surface, on the wall, on a tripod, or you can even stick it on the fridge.

The small size of the camera, adjustable stand that’s cleverly engineered and is wide, and its 130-degree lens give you flexibility when it comes to outlining the area you want to capture. This entire device measures 4.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches, with 180 degrees rotating leg, and the top of the camera is a head that rotates a full 360 degrees.


One of the best things about the Nest Cam is it delivers a crisp 1080p streaming video. Coupled with the wide-angle lens the camera includes, and the 8x zoom, the picture quality is very tough to beat.

Night Vision

Nest has also enhanced the night vision feature making it more impressive than you can imagine, considering Nest doesn’t highlight this as the camera’s best feature. The camera also contains a 3-megapixel lens, surrounded by 8 LED lights and picks up some impressive detail, but as with all home security cameras, there’s still a typical motion delay.

You can set the preferences, in either the mobile app or the desktop interface to receive motion and/or sound alerts from Nest Cam; however, you can’t tweak the settings; the alerts can be set either on or off. The device was designed with the intention of triggering fewer false alarms (shadows moving, cars passing, etc.) than the Dropcam Pro.

However, in order to get the maximum benefits of “advanced sensing,” you are required to subscribe to Nest Aware.


The Nest Cam also has a scheduling feature that can be used to choose which hours you want the camera on and recording, and when it is turned off, so your TV-watching isn’t recorded. The Nest Cam also allows you to talk and listen through the camera.

This feature is basically like a baby monitor; you can check in on your pets or say “hi” to your kids from the office or anywhere you are or even scare off an intruder.


It’s worth noting in this Nest Cam Indoor review that the camera’s intercom attributes are only basic and the sound quality is not hi-fi. However, some of the camera’s unique features outweigh the sound limitations, especially its compatibility with other devices. For example, if you own a Nest Learning Thermostat, setting it to away will automatically cause the Nest Cam to turn on.

If smoke is detected in the home, the “Nest Protect carbon-monoxide-and-fire detector”, will automatically capture the event by recording a clip and help you to figure out what happened.

It can also interact with a number of third-party devices. If a motion is detected while you are away from home, The Nest Cam will turn on the Philips Hue smart light bulbs and then trigger the SkyBell video doorbell to begin recording.

If your baby moves while being monitored the “Mimo” baby monitor and onesie will alert the Nest Cam to begin recording. Other devices that work with the Nest Cam Indoor include the Petnet smart pet feeder and the August smart lock.

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Smartphone App

The free Nest app for iOS and Android is straightforward and basic to where a simple home page shows all of the Nest devices installed; with a drop-down menu that gives you access to account information and settings.

To show all the cameras you have set up in your home along with the camera’s name (e.g., Living Room, Bedroom, etc.) and a photo icon, just click on the Nest Cam icon. You will then go to the live video stream to use the talk function, watch and listen to videos, and zoom in and change your settings.

Cloud Storage Plans

To get the Nest Cams full benefits, you’ll need to pay to subscribe to the app called Nest Aware. This app was recently updated to provide better performance. It offers alert summaries, video history, and allows you to select “activity zones,” and it will record for 10 to 30 days continuously.

Another feature worth noting in this Nest Cam Indoor review is “advanced algorithms” your camera uses with the $5 monthly subscription that uses face detection and depth sensing to produce very accurate sound and motion alerts. While it can’t tell who’s who, it will tell if someone enters the room and ensures you won’t get too many false alarms while you are away.

Video and Audio Performance

The Nest Cam Indoor is really true High-definition with a silky smooth and sharply focused video with only a slight delay that is roughly one second in real-time viewing, but it’s not even a problem with Nest Cam Indoor.

When video is played on a smartphone the default setting of 720p will load videos much faster when the signal is weak, but when viewing the footage in 1080p with a strong connection, it is the best. The 130-degree range of vision provided by the Nest Cam Indoor is one of the widest available, not to mention its 8x zoom offer maximum flexibility. If you place the Nest Cam Indoor in the corner of a room, it will capture the whole room and more.

Nest Cam Indoor review Conclusion

The Nest Cam is a great security camera with easy setup and user interface. The crystal-clear 1080p resolution and wide-angle lens make this camera truly high-def., with night vision that is unbeatable. The camera is priced at $189 and will require additional add-ons that also cost even more, but the features it provides are well worth the investment.

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