Nanoleaf Smart Lights can be your solution for adding smart lights to a traditional home or to make smart lighting a part of your smart home. It brings you a smart way to light up your space in style. Impress your friends or create different moods to enhance your life and living space. These lights can dim and brighten rhythmically responding to your voice, music, and games. Read more about how these lights can colorfully brighten your life

Nanoleaf Smart Lights will give you lighting to suit your taste and style. It comes as panels that you can connect in different ways to create your own personal lighting style and mood for your home. Let the Light Panels listen to your music and delight your eyes as it soothes your ear or uses the Canvas to create your very own artistic lighting.

Nanoleaf Smart Lights

The standard light kit usually comes with nine triangular shaped LED panels but, depending on your needs you can buy expansion packs. The panels can be easily snapped together with the “linkers” provided, for a circuit from the control box which you plug into the power supply.

The Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit turns your favorite music into dancing rhythms of color and light to give the perfect atmosphere to any space. The Rhythm Upgrade Module has built-in sound sensors that automatically detect sounds. On one Controller you can connect up to 30 Light Panels. Colors and animations can be customized with the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App.

The lights can be controlled by Android or Apple smartphones and be connected by wi-fi from the app where colors and brightness can be changed. The app also allows you to download and try new color palettes submitted by other users for free.

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Create a stunning audiovisual light show in your home with the light’s Rhythm.

Connect the triangular color-changing LED panels together and mount them with the included adhesive pads. With its supported colors, you can set a wide range of hues and shades and easily change them. With the light panels, you can design the light-up of your life the way you want using the 16.7 million supported colors with,

  • 100 lumens per panel
  • 2200K – 5000K color temperature
  • 25,000 hours lifetime per panel
  • Rhythm module and music sync
  • Audio sensor microphone
  • Aux-line-in 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Compatible with app for different color patterns

Mounting and Installation

Mounting tape is provided for installation. Snap the panels together with the “linkers” for connection to the control box which you plug into the power supply.

The Canvas

The Canvas is new and introduces interactive fun to the classic lighting panels. The canvas comprises squares instead of the triangles of the standard light panels. But they are modular and customizable like the light panels. With the Canvas, you can connect any number of panels to express your imagination artistically with light.

The standard pack includes nine, six-inch squares, but can be expanded. One control square can support 500 Canvas panels, but extra power supply is needed for every 25 squares you add. Packs of 17 and 25 panels can be bought to explore your lighting creativity which you can add as needed.

Features of The Canvas

The canvas allows you to explore your creativity playing with colors to light up your room with just a light touch. Your options to control the lights are the control square, your voice, touch, or the mobile app. With these, you have in excess of 16 million colors to create shapes and designs to suit your mood.

The control square can also sense sounds and respond to music being played in the room. Like the Nanoleaf Smart Lights panels, the Canvas can also be controlled by the Smarter Series app. The panels are also touch-sensitive and with a touch can send ripples across all panels from the touched point or a change of colors with a light press. This is a very cool feature! In the app, the Canvas can be customized to respond to gestures and various actions, taps, and swipes in different ways.

Rhythm Mode

You also can activate Rhythm Mode and see the light of the squares react to sound and display a music visualizer. It brings colors and sounds together on the canvas. The built-in buttons of the control panel give you the ability to easily press and quickly change the settings. Holding the button longer gives advanced control, like saving scenes with the “next” button. The Canvas features include:

  • Smart RGBW LED touch-enabled Light Squares
  • Compatibility with as many as 500 panels
  • lightweight around 200 grams per square

The Nanoleaf Canvas ability to display 16.4 million colors gives many lighting variations and options. From standard daylight, reading light, white hues or pallets of funky colors and rhythmic designs. You can also download palettes for free in the app or customize your colors to suit your mood. The control panel remembers the last five scenes so you can recover a recent scene. The scene creator allows you to play around and paint individual panels much as you desire, which is a wildly fun feature. The more panels, the greater the possibilities.

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Photo Credit: Smarter Home Automation

Installation and Mounting of the Canvas

Like Nanoleaf Smart Lights, it is also easy to install and mount the Nanoleaf Canvas. The standard pack has nine linkers to plug into the recessed slots of the squares to connect the panels. The squares snap together keeping the linkers out of sight when mounted. 3M mounting stickers, included in the package, can then be used to mount the panels on the wall. The positioning of the tape is indicated to make it easy for you.

You can check your layout to make sure you have what you like, and your canvas is working as you want before mounting. Having mounted your panel, the app allows you to pair it with your smartphone by adding a new device and following the instructions. Then use the app to suggest patterns according to the number of panels or find inspiration online. This will provide you the ease of control of your lights from your phone.

You can also set up Canvas to react in various cool ways such as have the lights come on when you get home or brighten to wake you up in the morning. You can also set it up to respond to voice commands. Nanoleaf Canvas can also work with Alexa. Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

Buying the Nanoleaf

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