Our parents used programmable timers that turned lamp lights on and off whenever we went away on a family vacation. That generation sometimes used wall-mounted dimmer switches to create ambiance through dimmed ceiling lights. Light bulbs of the day only offered one color. A rotating wheel with different colored panels that passed in front of a white light bulb created the effect of changing light colors on Christmas trees. Later on, LED lights came on the scene, offering long-lasting, highly efficient lighting. The only problem was that these early LED lights were blue and cold and their dimmed-down color was a depressing grey. Exposure to these lights at the wrong time of the day could harm human health. Now, we have the Eufy Smart bulb which combines the very best from our past into a versatile light bulb. Continue reading this Eufy Smart Bulb review to learn more.

The Eufy Smart Bulb Review

Today, we have smart bulbs, such as the Eufy bulb, which offers us tunable white and warm dim technology. Lumos light gives us more control and a variety of light colors. The Eufy Lumos smart bulb also offers just about everything a person could want from a lumos light bulb because this plastic Eufy bulb packs a lot of technology to enrich our lives.

Who this is for?

As a high-tech product, the Eufy smart bulb offers many features and benefits. Its remote-control and programmable features make it most suitable for people who have an active lifestyle. Its ability to produce many different colors fascinates people of all ages, creating interesting Christmas lighting and fun parties. The music syncing ability is a cool feature guaranteed to liven up any room. Everyone can benefit from the dimming feature, which helps to create a peaceful atmosphere before bedtime or a romantic atmosphere. Ultimately, if you want to customize your lighting the Eufy smart bulb is for you. If you’re interested continue reading our Eufy Smart Bulb review.

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Eufy Smart Bulb Overview

The warm dim light that’s put out by the Eufy lights, dims to a warm color, getting warmer the more it dims. Warm dim light acts as candlelight does. Tunable white is light that we can dial down the color temperature while keeping the light bright. Tunable white light mimics a sunset when it is at its brightest. Both kinds of light are great for all kinds of spaces, from home to commercial.


A Eufy smart bulb enables us to program the bulb instead of the lamp. This means that we can program light to come on/off any place we can screw in a light bulb, such as in ceiling lights.

Dimmed lights calm the nerves and can promote romance. The dimming feature on this smart bulb itself enables us to dim the light output no matter where the bulb is located. We can also group smart bulbs together for control of many bulbs simultaneously so you won’t have to manipulate lights one at a time.

Millions of Colors

It’s a bit of an overkill, but the color Eufy Lumos smart bulb offers over 16 million colors to choose from. This bulb even features a music mode that syncs color changes with the beat of music. The combination of colorful light and music energizes music and parties.

The remote-control feature, which is enabled by the EufyHome app, allows us to control our Eufy lights from our smartphone regardless of where we are. We can also allow a second EufyHome app user to have access to our lights’ controls. Also, since the Eufy Lumos smart bulb is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, we can control these special bulbs by voice command.

Energy Efficient

The Eufy lights only consume 9 watts of electrical power, but their light output is equivalent to 60-watt bulbs. This makes them economical to use, even though they are somewhat pricey to buy.

How they work with smart hubs

Eufy lights do not require the use of a hub such as Alexa to work. All it really needs is the EufyHome app. But it’s nice to know that the bulbs have the capability to be operated through a hub.

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Connecting with Alexa

The Alexa hub lets us tell the bulbs what to do through voice commands we give to Alexa. Connecting Alexa to the Eufy bulb takes a little time. First, you need to make sure that:

  1. The Eufy device is connected with the EufyHome app
  2. You have an Alexa-enabled device such as Amazon Tap, Echo dot, Amazon Echo or Eufy Genie
  3. The Amazon Alexa app is installed onto our smartphone and an account is created

To connect a Eufy smart bulb to Alexa, we do the following:

  1. Open the Alexa App
  2. Select Skills & Game
  3. Search for EufyHome on the Skills screen
  4. Select the EufyHome skill, then click on Enable
  5. Log into the EufyHome account
  6. Use the EufyHome skill to find new smart devices through the Smart Home menu
  7. Give commands to Alexa like, “Alexa, dim my smart bulb.”

After you’ve set this up, you can change the device name if you want to.

Connecting with Google Assistant and Siri

To control bulbs with Google assistant, you can program the bulbs to work with it in a similar fashion to the Alexa example. Voice commands with Google are preceded with “OK Google…” instead of “Alexa…”

The Apple app can only be accessed from the App Store and can only be used on iPhones and iPads. It also needs to be set up in HomeKit accessories in the Home app. The device should support “Hey Siri” so that it will respond to “Hey Siri,…” commands.

Pros and cons


  • Bulbs in white and in more than 16 million colors
  • Tunable white light
  • Can be programmed to display different colors simultaneously
  • Can be programmed to auto-dim at particular times
  • Can be programmed to auto-dim at particular times
  • Dimmable LED light bulb
  • No hub is required
  • No smart plug is required
  • No flickering noticeable even at higher filming frame rates
  • Wi-fi enabled
  • Adjustable Eufy bulb ambiance, from a bedtime dim light to a daytime bright white light
  • Control with your smartphone using the EufyHome app
  • Sharable access to controls through another EufyHome account
  • Schedule the illumination and shut off of the lumos light
  • Can group two or more Eufy lights in the EufyHome app to control all bulbs simultaneously
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri
  • 18-month warranty
  • Energy Efficient – At only 9W, a Eufy Lumos smart bulb saves more than 80% on lighting costs while illuminating like a 60W bulb
  • A quality-made and innovative product that makes life easier


  • The color bulbs cannot be used with dimmers or in three-way sockets
  • The remote control by EufyHome app is limited to Android 4.3 or iOS 8 or above cell phones
  • The music mode does not always accurately follow the beat
  • Wi-fi’s router signal needs to be strong to affect the bulbs, so a wi-fi extender may be necessary
  • If using in recessed lights, a wi-fi extender is needed
  • You cannot schedule groups of bulbs to do the same thing
  • Limited functionality with voice control
  • Without using the smartphone app, the bulb will give off just a basic off-white color
  • Bulbs don’t work unless you have constant internet connection
  • Bulbs often do not reconnect if you ever disconnect
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Light technology has certainly evolved since our parents’ time. A Eufy bulb allows us to control the hue of the LED white light that we spend our days in. Because timers can now control smart bulbs rather than just lamps, we can program a room’s smart lights to turn on, off, or even dim anywhere that we screw them in. We can sync smart color bulbs with music. We can also view more than one color at once emitting from the same smart bulb. Voice commands issued to a hub such as Alexa let us control smart light bulbs remotely.

Buying the Eufy Smart Bulb

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