In this Ring Stick Up Cam review you will learn everything there is to know about the camera. The camera is wireless, is easy to install, offers motion-triggered video all supported by Alexa voice commands.

The Full Ring Stick Up Cam Review


This new cam is cylindrical, 4.9 inches tall with the stand and 2.3 inches wide, is available in either black or white colors, and has an IPX5 weatherproof rating. It comes with a stand that can be mounted on a ceiling or wall and can be adjusted for a perfect viewing angle.

You can twist the base off to reveal its easily removable, rechargeable lithium battery pack. The batter is intended to last from six to twelve months depending on use. To remove the battery just press on the silver tab. It can be recharged with the USB charging cable included. Just plug it into any USB port and let charge for several hours. When charging is complete, the LED will change from green and red to just green.

ring stick up cam
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One thing is true about this camera and that is they have improved the specs. This one is complete with a 115-degree field of view and captures video at 1080p where the older version only had an 80-degree view field and a 720p resolution. In addition, this one doesn’t require a hub like other cameras of its kind; instead, it connects straight to your home network using 802.11n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. There are four infrared LEDs that provide up to 30 feet night video in black and white, a two-way audio built-in speaker and microphone, and video-based motion detection.

Ring Mobile App

The same mobile app used by other Ring devices can be used with the Stick Up Cam and it supports the Ring’s Neighbor app as well that allows you to share videos and pictures that are captured by your Ring Cam with other neighborhood users.

When you open the app your dashboard displays thumbnails of every installed Ring device you have as well as your history and Neighbors tabs. You can tap on “Neighbors'” tabs to view videos and pictures of events taking place in your neighborhood like break-in attempts, porch thefts, and vandalism acts. It also shows a map indicating where these activities took place and you can even comment on the events.

The History tab is located next to the Neighbors tab; tap it to go to a screen that reveals a list of your alarm and motion events along with time stamps. Tap on the event you want to view and from there you can download or delete recorded events.

Ring Stick Up Cam App
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Mobile App Features

To view a series of events tap the “Camera” tab and they will appear with timestamps just below the preview screen. There you can scroll through the thumbnails forward or backward and tap on the event to view the video from that timeline and share it with your friends or trash it.

If you would like to view live video in full-screen mode, tap the “Live” button located to the right of the timeline bar and either tap the “Square Mode” button found on the bottom right of your video panel or simply turn your phone sideways. Here you can also record live video by tapping the “Share” button and share them with neighbors in the Neighbors app.

To activate the internal siren just tap the “Siren” button. For two-way audio or to mute the speakers tap the “Microphone” button at the bottom. You can also adjust the settings of the camera by tapping the “Gear” icon located in the top right corner.

This screen shows the battery level, switches to enable or disable motion alerts and recording, a “Live View” button to launch live stream, and there are several more buttons at the bottom of the screen. If you would like your Stick up Cam to interact with other devices, tap the “Linked Devices” button. To check your Wi-Fi strength signal, change your network, troubleshoot issues, or update firmware, tap the “Device Health” button.

Ring Stick Up Cam – The Quick Hits

There is so much you can do with this new Ring Stick Up Cam. For instance, you can…

  • Have your camera react to Ring Alarm sensors
  • Have the Ring Pro doorbell start recording when your cam detects motion
  • Illuminate the Ring Floodlight when motion is sensed
  • Create motion zones
  • Adjust motion alert frequency
  • Set schedules that will disable motion alerts
  • Snooze motion alerts for 15 minutes, a half-hour, one hour, or two hours

There is also an “App Alerts” button that offers dozens of tones you can set for motion alerts and with the volume slider, you can set the volume level as well.

Like other Ring devices, the Stick Up Cam device supports Alexa voice commands allowing you to view your videos on compatible Amazon devices. This works with IFTTT applets that integrate with other IFTTT devices like smart door lights, locks, and plugs.

Ring Stick Up Cam 2
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Subscription Plans

You get a free basic plan included with your Stick Up Cam that allows you to view live on-demand video and motion alerts. However, you have to pay for storage in order to view your recorded videos. The good news is Ring’s cloud plans are very affordable. In fact, for just $3 per month ($30 per year) you will get 60 days of storage for one doorbell or camera or if you have multiple Ring devices, sign up for the $10 monthly plan ($100 per year) that gives you 60 days of cloud storage for all your devices.


Most home security cameras today are easy to install, but the Ring Stick Up Cam is even easier since it is run by batteries, not electricity so you won’t have to deal with rewiring. First, you will need to download and install the app, then create an account.


Be sure and charge the battery and then open the app and navigate to your dashboard, and at the bottom tap “Setup”. From the list provided, select “Security Cameras” and then locate your QR code found on the Quick Setup sheet (it can also be found inside the cover of the battery) and scan the code. Select your location and choose whether you want to install your camera indoors or outdoors. You will also be given the option of naming your camera… it is a good idea to choose a name that is relevant to the camera’s location, such as “Backyard Camera”, etc.

Next, install the battery and power your camera up. In a few minutes, the blue LED lights will start flashing, when prompted, connect your camera to your Wi-Fi network, adjust the motion detection settings, allow the device to update, and your camera is ready to go.

ring stick up install
Photo Credit: Digitized House

Ring Stick Up Cam Review Conclusion

The Ring Stick Up Camera really packs a punch with many valuable features, its ease of setup and use, and the affordable subscription plan offered by Ring. However, there is one teeny-tiny flaw, it doesn’t stick very well, but that’s really not a big deal since there are many products on the market today that you can purchase to make it stay up on your ceiling if you so choose.

Buying the Ring Stick Up Cam

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