Wyze Cam Pan Review

The Wyze Cam Pan is the third generation Wyze camera created and produced by Wyze Labs, a company founded by former Amazon employees. The two cameras produced before Wyze Cam Pan were, the Wyze Cam, then the Wyze Cam V2. This Wyze Cam Pan review looks at the company’s third Wyze camera and latest in its line, as an affordable home indoor security camera.

In this Wyze Cam Pan Review, we look at the camera that keeps all features from the earlier versions of the Wyze cameras. Both of the earlier cameras had sound, motion detection and tracking, time-lapse recording, and free cloud storage. In conjunction with these features, Wyze Labs added pan and tilt along with support for Alexa and IFTTT. This Wyze Cam Pan review looks at the latest version of the cam family which also provides smoke and carbon monoxide detection and alarm for your home.

Features of the Wyze Cam Pan

The camera’s housing is of a matte white color and has a height of five inches with its width and depth being 2.2 inches each side. It is a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera with 360-degree pan room coverage and a 93-degree vertical tilt. It has an 8x digital zoom with a 120-degree field of view. The Wyze Cam Pan takes 1080 pixel HD video at a speed of 15fps. The camera has a night vision depth of 30 feet helped by its six infrared LEDs. It connects to your network by 802.11 Wi-Fi and is on the 2.4 GHz band.

The camera sits on a grippy plate where it spins to give its 360-degree view of the room. It has an SD card slot for increased storage and included with the camera is a power adapter. There is no mounting hardware but there is a built-in screw-hole on the base in case you choose to mount it instead of having it sit on a flat surface for which it is more suited. It also has a micro USB port for its power supply. A USB-A port at the back of the camera allows for powering another Wyze camera. There is also, a micro SD slot under the camera for an SD card to support local storage of up to 32 GB.

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The Camera’s Control System

The app the Wyze Cam Pan camera uses is the same as the previous two models. It is a versatile app and can be used to manage the camera as well as the other Wyze cameras and devices you may have. With the app on your smartphone, you can view a full-screen display of live stream from the camera, while at the same time control its functioning on the video itself and by using the control buttons. These controls allow you to pan and tilt, mute or unmute, manually record, use the two-way audio and take snapshots among others. It also allows you to change settings for the camera.


During our Wyze Cam Pan review, we find that installation is as simple as it is for the earlier models, and even simpler if you owned one of the Wyze Cams previously. If you are a first time Wyze Camera owner you will need to create an account. Next, you download the Wyze Cam mobile app onto your smartphone. You then sign in with your account info. If you are a previous owner of Wyze products and you already have the app installed, you only have to sign in using your account details.

Having signed in, you will need to add your camera by tapping the plus sign on the device screen. You then select your Wyze Cam Pan camera as the new device to add it. You then follow the on-screen instructions and voice prompts to connect and start using your Wyze Pan camera.

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Using Your Security Camera

Having installed and set up your camera you will have the convenience of watching over your home in clear, high quality colorful 1080 pixel HD video viewed live or recorded during the daytime. The images are balanced and well saturated. As with most smart cameras, well-lit areas like sunlit windows and indoor lights get significant over-exposure. There is also some distortion at the edge of the image from the wide 120-degree fish-eye view of the lens.

This Wyze Cam Pan review finds the night time video to be reasonably clear, sharp, black and white imaging. In this area, its performance is superior to its more expensive competitors such as VTech HD Pan and Tilt Camera. The audio output is not as good as its video. The difference Wyze Cam Pan review sees between the quality of the video and audio, as with other smart cameras, is indicative of more being invested and focused on improving image quality than sound enhancement.

You can view the video from your camera feed live or, as a playback of the recording. The video quality will result from the camera’s sensitive responsiveness and its pan and tilt capability for tracking and tagging motion.

Capability of the Camera

The Wyze camera also has loud and clear two-way audio and gives you instant sound and motion alerts. The camera also allows you to create and display time-lapse video and can be controlled using IFTTT, or Alexa voice command. It can also provide smoke alarm notification. Though the Wyze Cam Pan can be considered a low priced camera, many of its features like motion tracking, pan and tilt, and time-lapse, are features of the more expensive modern smart security cameras.

Also, though the panning and tilting of the camera can be controlled manually by swiping the video on your smartphone, control can also be automated to cycle through its panning and tilting. Motion tracking can also be set to follow and detect movement. The camera speed can also be adjusted.

In Summary

The many features looked at in this Wyze Cam Pan review are features of the more expensive security cameras and make it a favorite among the smart security cameras. It is a camera with more expensive features at an affordable price. In addition, it comes with a free 14-day cloud storage and a card slot for optional local SD card storage. Though it doesn’t work with Google Assistant its customization and combined features are usually features of more expensive cameras like Amazon’s cloud cam and the Nest cam.

The negatives that can be seen for this Wyze Pan Cam review are few. In addition to not working with Google Assistant, it doesn’t have a web app and the mobile app, it is felt, can do with a design makeover. The motion tracking is sometimes seen as hit-and-miss, the audio quality can be described as harsh and they don’t seem to live up to the claimed intelligence. But these can be overlooked for the many great features that come with such an affordable camera.

Buying the Wyze Cam Pan

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